Design for the sciences

With most of my editing and management positions, I have had the good fortune to work in small, financially strapped organizations that have needed me to be resourceful. My design training has been on the job, under the tutelage of some very talented designers. I work primarily in Dreamweaver, InDesign, Illustrator, WordPress, and Photoshop.

I have generally been an implementer alongside being a leader of small, collaborative teams. Now that I have learned more about Agile principles, I realize that I have been working in this way for a long time. Just replace the word “software” with “content,” and these principles apply beautifully to a publishing environment. While we didn’t do Scrum or Kanban, I would certainly bring these concepts to any design or publishing team today.

Publication design

annual_2011_tmb     annual_2012_tmb


Poster design

These are a few simple posters I designed in Illustrator. These support our science software development teams, who are using Agile software development.

Agile Manifesto and Principles

Empirical Process Control, 3-legged stool

Continuous Improvement Cycle (for Retrospectives)

Web design

Intranet, National Snow and Ice Data Center

(No live link because the site is password protected.)


NASA Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC) user working group Website


National Snow and Ice Data Center, All About Glaciers

(Design has since been updated.)

 Screen shot 2013-02-14 at 9.23.51 AM

Pearl Orthopedics

Pearl Orthopedics

Geography course Websites, Professor Mark Serezze
serezze-site-screenshot    Serezze-site-arctic-climate

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