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Risk Management in an Agile Context

Agile approaches reduce risk with short iterations, a focus on working software, automated tests, and frequent customer interactions. But does that make formal risk management a thing of the past? The answer is no. More complex projects may benefit–but keep it light.

While risk management is not technically part of the Scrum Master role, as coach for the entire project team, it’s good to have on your radar. It can be particularly useful when working with a newer Product Owner who might not have tools for managing risk effectively.

A serious game: RAID Bingo

Teams sometimes struggle to identify risk. But if you inject a little healthy competition, you can surface a remarkable number of risks in a short time. Divide a group at a project kickoff into teams, and get them to play BINGO, and look what happens!


Risk Burndown Charts

Mike Cohn recommends a light version, using a  simple risk census and burndown chart.

The Pre-mortem

Pre-mortem technique: Look ahead at challenges that could cause project failure and create a plan to navigate.